Open Access publishing as the new standard: use your options

Funding organisations are now mandating that researchers publish Open Access for projects they fund. To help its researchers in this endeavour, Wageningen University & Research has made pre-paid agreements for Open Access with many publishers. Hear about the different options to publish peer-reviewed articles Open Access. WUR Library will give you the latest information on Open Access issues relevant for AFSG staff and PhD candidates.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, Impulse

ma 15 mei 2017 11:45 tot 12:45

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115


Introduction by Robert van Gorcom
Presentation by Anna Besse-Lototskaya:
• What is Open Access? Green, gold and hybrid
• Pros and Cons of Open Access Publishing
• Requirements from research funding organizations
• Possibilities
• Where can I get funding for Open Access publishing?
• Quality of Open Access journals and predatory publishers
• Open Access options for AFSG/RIKILT journals
Final words by Marcel Zwietering: Personal encounters with Open Access.

Lunch is provided. Please inform us of your attendance by sending an e-mail to secretariaat-algdir.afsg@wur.nl

Open Access publishing as the new standard: use your options

This meeting is for the employees of AFSG and RIKILT, but there are no objections to others to join. Just don't forget to inform us about your attendance.