Opening One World Week 2014

Tijs Breukink, member of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR, will open the One World Week this year.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research

do 10 april 2014 12:45 tot 13:00

Locatie Orion, building number 103
Bronland 1
6708 WH Wageningen
+31 (0) 317 48 87 77
Zaal/kamer The Spot

We have a Fashion Shop, parties, games and sports and discussions, dialogues and other interesting activities. Tijs Breukink will tell something about the goal, objectives and the importance of the yearly organized event and he will invite you to participate or to organize something next year. It is an event in which we celebrate our diversity. The One World Week is organized for and by students and employees. It is a week for all people connected to Wageningen UR!