Opening algae refinery pilot VALORIE

Micro-algae are seen as one of the most promising raw materials for the sustainable production of ingredients for food, animal feed, chemicals and biobased materials. The introduction of VALORIE represents an important step in the commercialisation of algae, which may enable algae to be produced on a larger scale. The first mobile algae refinery pilot factory is located on the ACRRES site in Lelystad.


ma 8 september 2014 13:00 tot 18:00

Locatie ACRRES, Runderweg 6, Lelystad

ACRRES and Algae Food & Fuel and TNO have joined forces in Lelystad to work on cultivating and increasing the value of algae. In 2012, two algae ponds (250 m2 and 125 cm deep) and three photo-bioreactors were realised on the ACRRES site. The first mobile algae refinery pilot factory has now been realised as a means of increasing the value of algae via biorefinery. VALORIE stands for Versatile ALgae On-site Raw Ingredient Extractor.

This brand new, state-of-the-art pilot factory is located on the ACRRES site, which is part of Wageningen UR, in Lelystad. The interesting opening programme, which starts at 13.00 on Monday 8 September, will include an excursion and a mini-seminar entitled 'Algae value chain and future prospects', featuring a range of speakers. Participation is free.


  • 13:00: Welcome in Lelystad
  • 13:30: Official welcome by ACRRES, Chris de Visser / Rommie van der Weide
  • 13:40: Mini-seminar 'Algen waardeketen en toekomstige mogelijkheden', several speakers      
  • 15:00: Break
  • 15:30: Official opening VALORIE
  • 16:15: Reception and possible excursion
  • 18:00: End

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