Peace, existence and nothing else

Sergi Domenech is very grateful, all humans exist* all time! And since peace and existence are one, peace is always in us. But if we are all existing and therefore in peace, why we don't feel this peace?

Organisator Impulse

do 24 januari 2019 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

For Sergi, the reason is simple: we are (consciously or unconsciously) deciding to avoid part of our experience. And as a result, peace is also hided. We frequently avoid specific experiences because we dislike something from them, such as bad feelings or uncomfortable situations. This exclusive experience selection is fully uncoherent because the current experience is the only thing we really have. Fortunately, exclusive selection can easily be redirected by living the instant completely. In other words, start living (without exclusion) all current situations, feelings or thoughts. It can be concluded that living our complete experience leads to exist and existence equals to peace!

As a clarification, Sergi is not trying to state that exclusive experience selection is wrong or should be changed. Instead, he suggests seeing exclusive selection as part of our experience and therefore also susceptible to be lived.

This interactive lecture aims to co-create a self-discover space to investigate existence now and here.

* Sergi defines exist or existence as the action/state of being in the current experience (or instant).

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