PhD Course "Empirical Application of Economic Organization and Institutions in Agri-Food Value Chains" - with Johan F.M. Swinnen

Organisator University of Primorska, Faculty of Management, Koper, Slovenia

vr 22 augustus 2014 08:30 tot di 26 augustus 2014 17:00

Locatie University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia

Course Description

The course has two main objectives. First, to familiarize participants with the main concepts of New Institutional Economics and specifically Transaction Cost Economics that are relevant for the study of economic organization and coordination problems. Second, the course focuses on empirical applications of this theoretical background in agri-food value chains.

The first part of the course – three days – will focus on the theoretical framework and econometric applications. Students will be challenged to look at value chains from the transaction costs perspective, to identify the transaction, to distinguish different governance structures and types of organization, and to understand the role of institutions in explaining governance and organizations. The practical sessions will introduce students to using the analytical tools available in their research. Examples will come from the lecturers’ experience and research activities. Furthermore, these practical sessions will also be open to discuss participants’ own research.

In the second part of the course – one day – students are invited to participate in the pre-conference workshop “It’s a jungle out there: The strange animals of economic organization in agri-food value chains” which is endorsed by the European Association of Agricultural Economists and precedes the tri-annual EAAE Congress in Ljubljana. Invited speakers, Claude Ménard (Université de Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne) and A. Grandori (Bocconi University), will kick-off the pre-conference workshop by presenting the challenging task: to explore the diversity in organizational forms that exist in the agri-food sector and to identify an appropriate theoretical framework that allows analyzing and explaining this diversity. Next, various scholars will present analyses and case-studies of a variety of economic organizations in the agri-food sector. For more information on the pre-conference workshop, please visit the congress website.