PhD and postdoc training school on ChIP-seq (wet-lab) and basic functional animal genome analysis (25-29 June 2018)

Organisator Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS)

ma 25 juni 2018 tot vr 29 juni 2018

Locatie Orion, building number 103
Bronland 1
6708 WH Wageningen
+31 (0) 317 48 87 77
Zaal/kamer Orion rooms: C4042, PC4044 and P5050/5051

For the Training School leaflet with all information, please click here:

Preliminary programme

Monday 25th June: ‘intro group and wet-lab’
Start: 09:30 hour
Outline of the week
Introduction of trainee’s and trainers
Wet-lab: start up experiments ChIP-seq cells and tissue

Tuesday 26th June: ‘start up analysis’
Wet-lab: ChIP-antibodies Analysis: Intro Linux and data sets
Seminar speakers: Daniel Zerbino (EBI, UK)), Susan Kloet (LUMC, NL), Sylvain Foissac (INRA, France), Fred v. Leeuwen (NKI, NL)

Evening: Group dinner

Wednesday 27th June: ‘data quality’
Wet lab: magnetic beads and de-crosslinking
Analysis: data quality, trimming, aligning RNA-seq, Chip-seq and methylation

Thursday 28th June: ‘start up analysis’
Wet-lab: purification and qPCR
Analysis: peak calling, gene expression calling, methylation calling
Seminar: Peter Harrison (EBI, UK), Jérome Kroonen (Diagenode)

Pizza evening

Friday 29th June: ‘integration of data
Wet-lab: analyse qPCR on gel, discuss results
Analysis: Integration of data and wrap-up.
End: 15:00 hour