Postgraduate course: Exposure Assessment in Nutrition Research

The course will address methodological aspects of exposure assessment in nutrition and related fields of biomedical research.

Organised by National Cancer Institute, Division of Human Nutrition, The Graduate School VLAG

Mon 29 August 2016 until Fri 2 September 2016

Venue Wageningen University

Aim of the course

After participation the participant:

  • Is able to make a well-informed choice from different methods of exposure assessment;
  • Has insight in sources of measurement errors, consequences for exposure assessment and associations observed, and methods to account for these errors;
  • Is able to design and analyse evaluation studies, and to quantitatively present and interpret their results;Is able to critically evaluate exposure assessment in nutrition and related fields of biomedical research.

Course contents

The course consists of a series of lectures, supported by computer-assisted exercises. Also, discussions on exposure assessment in the participant’s own research will be part of the program.


The course is meant for university graduates in biomedical sciences; nutrition, epidemiology etc. Knowledge on basic statistical concepts and methods (e.g. linear regression, paired t-test, correlation, ANOVA) and study designs is assumed. The course welcomes PhD students and post-docs as well as participants from the industry and research centers.

Course lecturers & organizers

  • National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, US - Kevin Dodd
  • Division of Human Nutrtion, WU - Dr. Anou Geelen (course leader), Ir. Paul Hulshof, Prof. Pieter van 't Veer, Dr. Jeanne de Vries
  • The Graduate School VLAG, WU - Eva Oudshoorn MSc

Course fees

VLAG/WU PhD candidates €300,-
All other PhD candidates €500,-
Postdocs, and other academic staff €750,-
Participants from the private sector €2000,-