Another potato workshop in China


Potato workshop in China

On 8-10 March 2018, a third potato workshop will be held in Dali, Yunnan Province, China. This workshop will be on the topic of sustainable potato production and processing in China.

Organisator Wageningen University & Research, de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (Dutch potato organisation)

do 8 maart 2018 tot za 10 maart 2018

Two workshops have already been held. Organisation will be provided by the Strategic Alliance for Industrial Technology Innovation of Potato (SAITIP). Wageningen University & Research and the Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (Dutch potato organisation) will assist with conducting the programme, presentations, and demonstrations. The setup of the workshop will be comparable to the first two. The exact programme will be announced in December.

In 2015 and 2016, two 2-day potato conferences were organised in China, partly by the Dutch top sector AgriFood PPS “China Potato GAP”. Potato GAP China is a Public Private Partnership (PPS) in which Chinese and Dutch institutions and businesses research options for improving potato production.

Elements of the conferences include lectures on innovations and products, field trips, business presentations, and panel discussions about potato topics. During the programme, the Dutch business community, research institute, and government took the stage to share their vision, knowledge, and products. These PPS participants included APH/Omnivent, Tolsma, Dacom, Delphy, Syngenta, Aeres, Aviko, Eurofins, Wageningen University & Research, and ZAP-Semagri from NL. Both conferences were attended by agricultural counsellors from China and the Netherlands.

There is a reference guide for each conference that contains information such as the programme itself and the business presentations.