BPM Satellite Lignin Workshop


Progress in lignin valorisation: BPM Satellite Lignin Workshop

The Wageningen UR Lignin Platform organizes a dedicated satellite Workshop linked to the BPM (Biobased Peformance Materials) Symposium. The BPM Symposium will be held on June 15-16 2016, the Lignin Platform Workshop (LPW) will be held on June 17th 2016, both in the Hof van Wageningen Congress Centre.

Organisator Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

vr 17 juni 2016 09:00 tot 15:30

Locatie Hof van Wageningen Congress Centre

The satellite workshop main topics will be the chemical, biological and bio-catalytic conversion of lignin to novel biobased materials and chemicals with a session devoted to setting up strategic alliances for collaboration. Participants from industry and academia are expected.

The registration fee is €100. An invoice will be sent to you upon registration. Please register here.

We hope to welcome you in Wageningen on June 17th and possibly on the preceding BPM Symposium on June 16th. Register now or contact us if you have any further questions related to the programme, location or accommodation.

Programme BPM Satellite Lignin workshop June 17th

8.30-9.00 Arrival, coffee
9.00 Opening Workshop

Keynote Lectures

9.15 Bioaromatics (Prof. Ludo Diels, Uni Antwerp, VITO, BE)
9.45 Bioconversion (Prof. Alexander Steinbüchel, Uni Münster, DE)
10.15 Enzymatic aromatic monomer conversion (Prof. Dr. ir. Ronald de Vries, CBS-KNAW, NL)
10.45 Advanced biofuels (Dr. Michael Boot, Progression Industry, NL)
11.15 Break
11.45 Overview of lignin processing and lignin applications (Dr. Peter Axegård, Innventia AB, SE)
12.15 Progress and achievements Wageningen UR Lignin Platform
12.30 Lunch

Strategic alliances for collaboration

13.30 Lignin valorisation – the importance of a full value chain approach (Dr. ir. Annita Westenbroek, Agro-Paper-Chemistry platform)
14.00 Parallel Group sessions
15.00 Oral feedback from Group leaders
15.15 Conclusions
15.30 Closure