Public lecture by Dr. Rana Dajani: ''To see what everybody sees but to think what no one has thought”

A campus-wide lecture by esteemed molecular biologist Dr. Rana Dajani.

On June 11, Wageningen Young Academy proudly presents esteemed Jordanian molecular biologist, Dr. Rana Dajani. Dajani, who has been characterized as one of the most influential women scientists in the Islamic world, will give a public lecture about her work, titled “To see what everybody sees but to think what no one has thought”. Dajani’s work centers on theories on biological evolution, focusing on genome-wide research on diabetes, cancer and stem cells.

Organisator Wagenigen Young Academy

di 11 juni 2019 12:30 tot 14:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Having received many honory titles and awards, Dajani is not only a leading scientist, but also a rolemodel in the Arab world as advocate of women and muslim emancipation, and active social entrepreneur. Amongst others, she founded and directed the We Love Reading program that stimulates child literacy across 30 countries. In 2018, Dajani authored Five Scarves: Doing the Impossible — If We Can Reverse Cell Fate, Why Can’t We Redefine Success? In this book, she reflects on her own life as a scientist, mother, teacher, entrepreneur and feminist and explores questions such as ‘can a breakthrough in stem-cell research revolutionize feminism?, and ‘can a scientist apply the scientific method to her own life to find solutions to social problems?’.

Wageningen Young Academy is looking forward to what promise to be two inspiring events of interest to the whole Wageningen community:

Book discussion: Five Scarves

When: June, 11, 12.30-14.00h
Where: Speaker's corner, Impulse
Admission: Free


When: June, 11, 17.30-19.00h
Where: De Waaijerzaal, Orion
Room: C 1040-2050-2051 (merged)
Admission: Free

Dr. Rana Dajani
Dr. Rana Dajani