Shout benefit party


Queer Cultures

De Wilde Wereld, 21:00-03:00 - For One World Week we are going to take out all the flags we have and show our true colors. LGBTQ+ culture has been a big influence of pop culture for some decades now. Our community shapes language, art and society. But since we are talking about a party here, we want to introduce Wageningen to LGBTQ+ artists, that really show how great this community is.

Organised by SHOUT

Sat 7 April 2018 21:00 to 03:00

Venue De Wilde Wereld, Burgtstraat 1, Wageningen
But first we are going to throw another episode of the currently most popular show on the big screen, because we know what our people want. Because no matter what our origin is, queer culture connects us on a global scale and everybody is welcome to join.