REDD+ PhD discussion Mitigation of agriculture driven deforestation in the tropics

The REDD+ PhD discussion group is happy to invite all PhD candidates and Post doc researchers to the first 1st REDD+ PHD discussion meeting on the mitigation of agriculture-driven deforestation in the tropics. PhD candidate Sarah Carter (GIRS) will host this session

Mitigation of emissions from deforestation is inherently linked with agriculture which is a key driver of deforestation. The potential to reduce agriculture driven deforestation has been assessed at the national level across the pan-tropics to guide decision making on mitigation priorities.A systematic approach which considers in turn emissions hotspots, mitigation potential (using land sparing techniques and interventions in the agricultural sector), the enabling environment (good governance, engagement in REDD+) and risks (income, food security) will be described.

The REDD+ PhD We welcome any PhD and Postdoc student from different disciplines that are interested in REDD+ research and/or agriculture-driven deforestation. The REDD+ PhD Discussion group is an acknowledged discussion group operating under the Graduate School PE&RC and open to all PhD students.