RHI Seminar: Christian De Vito (University of Leicester)

Micro-spatial history: Towards a new Global history? February 10, 2015

Organised by Rural and Environmental History

Tue 10 February 2015 12:30 to 14:00

Venue Leeuwenborch, gebouwnummer 201
Room C76

Micro-spatial history: Towards a new Global history?

The article explores the possibility for a productive engagement between Global history and Micro history. Further, it addresses the epistemological and methodological consequences of this encounter for both sub-disciplines, and for historiography as a whole. Avoidance of the conflation of the level of analysis (micro/macro) with its spatial scope (local/global) is the key to this investigation. On this basis, it is possible to take a clear stance for a micro-analytical perspective at the same time as a proposed spatially aware approach overcomes the global/local divide. The term “micro-spatial history” synthesises this double choice, and the integrated approach behind it. The article begins by (re-)defining the “global” and the “micro” from the perspective of their interaction. The second half of the article analyses how a micro-spatial perspective impacts on the conceptualization of time and the interpretation of contemporary issues.

More information about Christian de Vito can be found here.