ReThink Protein Debate, the future of protein production

Together with the organisation of the ReThink Protein Challenge, we are proud to announce, the ReThink Protein Debate, the future of proteinproduction on Monday the 4th of march. With this debate we will try to get a better understanding of the possibilities about the future of protein production: Should we go completely vegan? Should we do more intensive or circular meat production? Should we change our whole food system and create systems like food forests?

Organisator Impulse

ma 4 maart 2019 12:30 tot 13:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

In this debate you will hear about the  opinions of several professionals in this subject, they will debate together about the pros and cons of each idea, after that the audience is also welcome to ask critical questions to the speakers. 

This debate is organised by students from the honours programme and WUR Student Challenge.

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