ReThink Protein

Interactive lunch lecture with Ben Langelaan and Burger Foods.

We are on the edge of the protein revolution. As the human population is growing, we need to find new ways to meet its protein needs, that are better for the people, planet and animals. While scientists and entrepreneurs are in a quest for new protein sources and products, social innovators explore interventions and services that change the way we eat and think about protein.

Meat grown in the labs instead of stalls, animal-free dairy, single cell protein from hydrogen. Dutch-soy beans... The quest for the new, sustainable sources of protein is revolutionizing the way we think about what is on our plates and the results are surprisingly...delicious!

During this lunch lecture Ben Langelaan (Wageningen Food & Biobased research) will explore the diversity of protein sources and products as well as present ground-breaking developments in this field. In the second part Sander Peltenburg (Burger Foods) will present his start-up producing burgers made of crickets and talk about opportunities and challenges of introducing insect products to the Dutch market.