Recovery of tropical forests

Mini-symposium on the occasion of the PhD defence of Madelon Lohbeck, Forest Ecology and Forest Management group (FEM), Wageningen UR who will defend her thesis "Functional ecology of tropical forest recovery" on Tuesday December 16 at 11hrs in the Aula of Wageningen University.
One of the speakers is professor Robin Chazdon, the world leading expert on tropical forest succession who just published her new great book “Second Growth. The promise of tropical forest regeneration in an age of deforestation” .

All interested persons are cordially invited.

Organised by Forest Ecology and Forest Management

Mon 15 December 2014 15:00 to 18:00

Venue Gaia, gebouwnummer 101
Room 1;


15:10 Opening. Frans Bongers (FEM-WUR)

15:15 Effects of local and landscape factors on successional pathways in wet tropical forests of Costa Rica. Robin Chazdon (Univ Connecticut, USA).

15:45 Recovery of biomass, species richness and functional properties during secondary succession in Neotropical forests. Danaë Rozendaal (Univ Connecticut & FEM-WUR).

16:15 Break

16:30 Understanding tropical forest regeneration in agricultural landscapes. Miguel Martínez-Ramos (CIEco-UNAM, Mexico).

17:00 Functional ecology of tropical forest recovery. Madelon Lohbeck (FEM-WUR).

17:30 Closure and drinks