Refugees: Coordinating Chaos

Dr. Bas Schotel LLM (Philosophy of Law, UvA) will explore the layers of authorities dealing with refugees within countries and across Europe. Touching upon the schism between theory and practice he will look at legal dimensions of jurisdiction as well as the political and geographical dynamics shaping implementation. Join him to shed light on what makes this dossier so thorny when it comes to coordinating approaches to refugees.

Organisator Amnesty International, Studium Generale

di 24 november 2015 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Orion, gebouwnummer 103
Zaal/kamer The Spot
Refugees entering Europe are confronted with various levels of authorities with different realms of legal jurisdiction and interests. A grand canyon of difference between countries and even within countries. What explains the fragmentation? What can be said about the contradictions in approaches and the tension between stakeholders shaping social policy?