Register for the workshop 'Online Collaboration'


Register for the workshop 'Online Collaboration'

Athur Mol: “We all understand the importance of digital security,The good news is that digital security is not as complicated as you might think.."

Organisator Facilities and Services - IT

wo 31 januari 2018 13:00 tot 15:00

wo 7 februari 2018 13:00 tot 15:00

Locatie Forum, building number 102
Droevendaalsesteeg 2
6708 PB Wageningen
Zaal/kamer C104 on 31 January (Dutch) & C103 on 7 February (Dutch)

WUR is partnering with an increasing number of internal and external parties. These partnerships are often supported by a joint digital platform used to exchange information and store data. But what is the most effective way of doing this? What’s better: a team site, the W drive, Google or Dropbox? The workshop 'Online Collaboration' answers these questions.

This workshop takes a practical approach to online collaboration and the options available. It reveals the potential dangers you may face and how the WUR can help you by providing safe and user-friendly tools that can be used on a WUR computer or your own device. After all, we find it important that you can access your WUR information anytime and anywhere.

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