Renovate or Reconstruct the Food System?

Renovate or Reconstruct the Food System?

Organised by Studium Generale

Thu 5 June 2014 19:30 to 22:00

Venue Orion, gebouwnummer 103

When it comes to the worldwide distribution of food, science, markets and industry, are often diametrically opposed. Do we have to improve the distribution of food by market liberalisation or by government interference? Do we have to renovate the current system or do we have to reconstruct it?

The growing global population goes together with the question how to feed the world. In our current food system many people suffer with hunger and at the same time much food is spoiled. Also the depletion of natural resources is an important part of this discussion. You can conclude there is a need for change.

The uneven divison of food was strongly emphasized during the Food Otherwise Conference in Wageningen. Besides there was a lot of attention to preserving our natural resources. Also Rachel Kyte talked about these topics during the Dies Natalis this year in Wageningen University.

How do we have to proceed? Critical Students Wageningen (CSW) has organized a discussion with experts from different work fields and with different visions. It’s essential that we work towards a constructive debate in which we look for common solutions.

Two important bottlenecks we aim to tackle are:

- Structuring global chains: market liberalisation, governmental interference or …?

- Global nutrient flow

Some terms which will pass by are: (free) trade agreements, agricultural subsidies and the scarcity of phosphate to grow plants.

With this debate CSW is striving to get clarity in these questions with prominent speakers with different backgrounds. Both science, the industry and trade will debate with each other from their conflicting visions. La Via Campesina, world biggest interest organization for farmers, will also send a representative

The speakers are: Volkert Engelsman Eosta, Jan Steijn Friesland Campina, Wouter van der Weijden CLM, en Niek Koning WUR en Ludwig Rumetshofer (student/farmer and activist) La Via Campesina. Het debat zal gemodereerd worden door Natasja van den Berg (Tertium).

This debate is organized by Critical Students Wageningen, in co-operatinon with Studium Generale, within the series of “Dealing with Food”