P.Ronken keynote at Architecture-cafe 'Nieuwe Maaiveld'

There is a great spatial pressure on Cities. To relieve the green landscape and to make cities more balanced and sustainable, the use of new and other levels then ground level are increasingly looked at.

Organised by FASadE Amersfoort

Wed 19 April 2017 19:30

Venue Observant, Stadhuisplein 7, Amersfoort

During the Architecture-café 'Nieuw Maaiveld' (new 'ground'level), we get to see from different angles an interesting practice of several cities within and outside the country borders. The future is very close and works well! And Amersfoort? How do we make our city, with its urgent residential task, in the future still interesting, livable and compact? Are new 'ground'levels also a sollution for our city?

Keynotespeaker: Paul Roncken

  • Tim Vermeend (director UCArchitects Groningen)
  • Ruurd Gietema (partner and Urban planner at Kcap)
  • Chris Zwiers (parnter and architect/cityplanner at Oever Zaaijer)
  • Yosser Dekker (initiator Roofgarden Arnhem)
images from FASadE website
images from FASadE website