RoomService Student Room Festival

In the early beginning of the winter, twelve student rooms in Wageningen are transformed into small and cosy theatres, music clubs and stages to celebrate the arts. Within each room, there will be a 30 minutes show with a variety of music, cabaret, theatre, storytelling and many more creative performances!
Three performances in three different rooms creating three different experiences!

Organisator Studium Generale

do 15 november 2018 20:00


Compile your personal ROOMSERVICE program by choosing three different performances and buying tickets for each show. Each performance will be available in every round. The festival has three rounds, every round will be 30 minutes long.

  • Round 1: 20.00 – 20.30 h
  • Round 2: 21.00 – 21.30 h
  • Round 3: 22.00 – 22.30 h

In between the rounds you will have 30 minutes to bike or walk your way to the next location. We will end the night together with an amazing after party at Café Loburg. After party: 23.00 h - closing time.


For students:

  • €3 single ticket for 1 show
  • €5 ticket for 3 shows + after party

For non-students:

  • €7,50 single ticket for 1 show
  • €15 ticket for 3 shows + after party

Tickets can only be bought in cash!

    Ticket sale

    Tickets can be bought at:

    Forum (across the Grand Café)
    8 / 9 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 November 12.30 - 14.00 h

    8 / 12 / 13 November 12.30 - 14.00 h

    Reservations can be made from 8 November, by ordering your tickets via info.sg@wur.nl You can pick them up at the date and time mentioned above. Don’t forget to bring cash! There is only a limited amount of tickets, so be fast: full = full!


    1. Soula Notos (storyteller, cabaret)

    De Oranjehof, Rouwenhofstraat 15

    2. Tappin-it Collective (dance)

    H3, Heerenstraat 3

    3. Maluco (music)

    Witte Wilma, Wilhelminaweg 24

    4. The Royal Marquise (poetry)

    Psychotel, Kapelstraat 1

    5. Milou Mignon (music and poetry)

    Calzatura, Hoogstraat 64A

    6. Bovenste Knoopje Open (cabaret)

    BBLTHK, Stationsstraat 2 (This act will be in Dutch)

    7. Alles valt (theater)

    Bolus 9, Bowlespark 9 (This act will be in Dutch)

    8. Kapstop Duo (music)

    Over-Engh, Churchillweg 1

    9. Bergolf (music)

    Onder de magnolia, Nassauweg 13 (This act will be in Dutch)

    10. Benjamin Fro (music)

    De Wolfswaard, Aan de Rijn 12

    11. Marijn Claes (theatre)

    Casa Cranca II, Hoogstraat 37a

    12. Chidi Onwuka (storyteller, cabaret)

    Casa Cranca I, Hoogstraat 37a

    Soul Travelers (music)

    Café Loburg, Molenstraat 6

    For more info and an overview of the shows see our RoomService Facebook page.

    Info & Contact

    Email: info.sg@wur.nl, or call Wiebe Aans: +31 317 484939

    For more information check our Facebook page.


    Studium Generale would like to sincerely thank all volunteers, artists and others who contribute to the success of this eleventh edition of RoomService. A special thanks to the hosts and student residents of the houses. They provide the fundaments of the festival which, without them, would not be possible and by far not as characteristic as it is now.