RoomService Student Room Festival


RoomService Student Room Festival

On Thursday 9 November Studium Generale presents the cultural student room festival RoomService for the tenth time! In line with this anniversary, twelve Wageningen student rooms are transformed into small and cozy theatres, music clubs and stages to celebrate the arts. Within each room, there will be a 30 minute show with a variety of music, cabaret, theatre, storytelling, magic… you name it! Choose three shows from the program, buy tickets for each show and bike (or walk) through Wageningen to an unfamiliar room. Then sitting on a sagged couch, after a warm welcome of the host, you can enjoy an exceptional performance among a small group of people. And up you go for the second and the third show!

Organisator Studium Generale

do 9 november 2017 20:00 tot 23:00


All shows will be performed three rounds of 30 minutes each. Compile your personal RoomService program by choosing three shows and buying tickets for each.

The performances will take place in three rounds:

- Round 1: 20:00 – 20:30 h

- Round 2: 21:00 – 21:30 h

- Round 3: 22:00 – 22:30 h

In between the rounds you will have 30 minutes to bike/walk your way to the next location. All rooms are located in and around the city center.


You can visit one, two or three shows, and join the afterparty at 23:00 h.

Ticket prices:

For students:              3,-        single ticket for 1 show

                                    5,-        3 shows

For non-students:        7,50     single ticket for 1 show

                                    15,-      3 shows

Ticket sale

Forum (across the Grand Cafe): 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 November, 12:15 – 13:30 h

Leeuwenborch: 6, 7, 8 November, 10:15 – 11:00 h

Reservations can be made from 2 November onwards by ordering via

There is only a limited amount of tickets, so be fast: full = full!


1. Abe the Storyteller (story teller)

De Oranjehof, Rouwenhofstraat 15

2. Babs Gons and Mirte Hartland in the living room - De Vurige Harten Club (spoken word)

H3, Heerenstraat 3

3. Birds of a Feather (music)

Huis "Net", Waagstraat 8-1

4. Daniel-Ryan Spaulding (comedy)

Witte Wilma, Wilhelminaweg 24

5. De Sirene van Irene - Sarah Blok en Maya Mertens (theater)

Psychotel, Kapelstraat 1  (This act will be in Dutch)

6. Eline Mann (music)

Calzatura, Hoogstraat 64A

7. Inside your mind - Janse Heijn (magic)

Den Drutenborgh, Riemsdijkstraat 1a

8. King Lear, a fool's version - Joris Lehr (theatre)

BBLTHK, Stationsstraat 2

9. Ranja in een bierglas - Marlijn van Dijk en Marijn Bellaard (theater)

Bolus 9, Bowlespark 9 (This act will be in Dutch)

10. The Flamenco Thief - Craig Sutton (music)

Over-Engh, Churchillweg 1

11. Pleidooi voor het minderwaardigheidscomplex - Ashley Boom (theater)

Onder de magnolia, Nassauweg 13 (This act will be in Dutch)

12. Zitakula (music)

De Wolfswaard, Aan de Rijn 12

MC JR & Friends (afterparty)

Café Loburg, Molenstraat 6

For more info and an overview of the shows see our RoomService Facebook page.

Info & Contact

Email:, or call Wiebe Aans: +31 317 484939

For more information check our Facebook page.


Studium Generale would like to sincerely thank all volunteers, artists and others who contribute to the success of this tenth edition of RoomService. A special thanks to the hosts and student residents of the houses. They provide the fundaments of the festival which, without them, would not be possible and by far not as characteristic as it is now.