Roomservice 2016

Roomservice is the WURld famous art and culture festival of Studium Generale. Ten Wageningen studentrooms (plus the public library) are transformed into small, original theatres and music clubs. In the rooms artists will perform a 30 minute show. All shows will be performed 3 times, 30 minutes per round each. You have to choose 3 different shows, compile your program for that night and buy tickets. Prices for students: 5 euros for three or 3 euro per one performance. It starts at 20:00 and the last performance is at 22:00. Between each show you’ll have 30 minutes to travel to the next location.

Organisator Studium Generale

do 3 november 2016 20:00 tot 23:00

You can also visit the afterparty! Please take a look at the bottom of the page.


Activity Type Location Description
Pulp-o-rama Film and music Casa Cranca I Hoogstraat 37A Emerge yourself in the crackling sound and travel back in time with the 16 mm film projector. The short informative, nostalgic, moving and hilarious movie fragments can learn us about the past. Rolof de Jeu (lecturer at HKU) shows us the delight in looking back at a sometimes seemingly unalterable framework of society in cinema with one of the most unique home-cinema film jukebox that you will ever visit.
Goed (be)doel(d) Theater Casa Cranca II Hoogstraat 37A We hebben een verantwoordelijkheid. Of hebben we behoefte aan een verantwoordelijkheid? Theatergroep Troubamour portretteert in deze dynamische voorstelling de drang om al dan niet te helpen in de context van de vluchtelingenproblematiek in Europa. Drie actrices wisselen in rap tempo verschillende personages af en stellen op die manier vragen bij de (on)bedoelde invloed die helpen kan hebben.
Pussy Tutorials Cabaret Over-Engh Churchillweg 1 Izabella Finch a.k.a Priestess Pussilicious, explores new-trends of female selfempowerment, stories of sexual awakening, menstrual painting and ovulation mania; the contemporary woman’s dilemma of attaining holistic spiritual growth and studying eco-feminism, while dating men who watch porn, facing her everyday Mooncup(R) realities and making yogurt from her yeasty vajajay. This enticing performer smoothly weaves together dynamic youtube-style skecthes, witty self-composed songs with active audience interactions, to create an empassioned comedy-cabaret. She entertains, informs, shocks and pleasures her audience till the Capitalist-Patriarchy melts into coconut oil lube-to be on stage.
Sauerkraut Theater Onder de Magnolia Nassauweg 13 We foeteren, klagen en jammeren. Soms binnensmonds, soms in grote letters, soms in precies 140 tekens. Sauerkraut is een onderzoek van Laura Vroom waarin ze frustraties verzameld over ons leven in de stad. Om ze bloot te leggen en tegen het licht te houden. Omdat verandering misschien pas kan beginnen bij het erkennen van onze problemen. Om te relativeren, te troosten en omdat het zo enorm kan opluchten.
Brassta La Vista Music Wolfswaard Aan de Rijn 12 This eight-headed brass band from Rotterdam thrives with jazz, ska and pop influences and will make everyone dance like they reinvented the King’s moves within the course of a beer and an expressive evening. Performing in the monumental farm de Wolfswaard next to the Rhine this will be a special ‘Rollin’ on the river’ music experience that you do not want to miss!
Aone: Unknown Stories from Unknown Places Storytelling de Witte Wilma Wilhelminaweg 24 For many people in Southwest Maluku (Indonesia) and Lautém (Timor-Leste) story telling is the only link they have with the past. A storyteller is the memory of his clan and as such they are the memory of the entire people. This performance highlights the often concealed importance of women in local society by telling three consecutive stories from three different islands: ‘Wuni the Skivvy’, ‘The Mean King’s Granddaughter’, ‘Wuni and the Octopus Witch’. Aone is a member of the Tilupun-Slaupun Clan on Leti Island and lectures Southeast Asian linguistics at Leiden University.
Flotsam Metric Music Bolus 9 Bowlespark 9 Flotsam Metric, born in Wageningen in the summer of 2015, is an Indie-Rock band which has a diverse range of music with drums, bass, guitar and a vocal duo of male and female voice that translates itself in different atmospheres ranging from moving to making you move. The band members may seem like a mix of flotsams in the ocean - floating pieces of a shipwreck - but together they form a solid ship of musical expression. Their authentic songs cover many topics, among which their concerns with the world as it is today.
Simon Mulder and the Poetrybar Poetry H3 Heerenstraat 3 Simon Mulder (1986) lives in Amsterdam and studied comparative linguistics, philosophy and classics in Amsterdam and Leiden. His performance includes an absinthe and sonnet bar and an act as explicator of the first moving panorama in Europe since the 19th century. In his poetry and his performance, he strives for unity of form and content. He also is the founder of the ‘Feest der Poëzie‘ foundation, which organizes poetry and music events in exclusive locations, and edits Avantgaerde, an artisanal poetry periodical.
Clarinet Ensemble Gouda Music Calzatura Hoogstraat 64A This clarinet ensemble from Gouda (founded in 1996) consists of six members that all graduated on one of the conservatoria in the Netherlands. The repertoire exists of both (own) arrangements of existing music as well as diverse compositions. Dare to let go of the significance of words and be enhanced for half an hour with the wide array of genres from (light-) classic, swing, Charleston and romantic modern.
Rad Haz Mat Dance BBLTHK Stationsstraat 2 “Thank you all for coming in on such short notice” “Oke now that’s over with item two on the agenda, how are we standing on internal affairs?” “We are doing the best we can with the resources we have, but we are currently waiting on a dog acquisition strategy document.” “Ehm... I just have one question” Stichting ENS (a small independent dance company) performs Rad Haz Mat -episode 1, an episodic performance tour that explores the current state of the relation between art and business and what it means to maintain relevance


Filet au Fonque (music) & Baobab: Ramos and Mango (music)

Location: Cafe Loburg Molenstraat 6 from 11.15 till dawn

Filet au Fonque (2014) is an instrumental funkband founded in the picturesque city of Breda. Their recipe consists of a funky drummer and rhythm section, a grooving bassist, jazz and fusion guitar lines, a steaming organ and synth garnished by a frantic brass section. A combination that allows each song to land on its dancing feet! The secret ingredient? Energy. A lot of Energy!

Baobab: Ramos and Mango Although most people probably know Baobab as the name of the mighty African tree this Baobab is the name of a collective of music lovers & vinyl junkies specialized in world music. With big love for afrobeat, afrofunk, highlife, soukous, jùjú, latin, reggae & dub. Within a tropical setting in Loburg, we funk on to the end of the evening.