SG | The Modernization of Dutch Agriculture in Films 1923-1982 - An Electric Comedy

We start with a program of silent movies, with live music from composer, musician and movie-critic Kevin Toma. And a short introduction by media historian Prof. dr. Bert Hogenkamp.

Organisator Studium Generale

zo 13 mei 2018 15:00 tot 16:30

Locatie Art cinema Movie W - Wilhelminaweg 3a, 6703 CC Wageningen

This is an afternoon for lovers of silent movies and old electrical devices. The main course is An Electric Comedy (1942, 42 min), in which a farmer couple discovers the convenience of electrical devices when they visit friends in the city. They decide to find out more for themselves. Together with them we learn via demonstrations among others how electricity can be used to ease farm cheese making.
Before An Electric Comedy we show three short movies. As One Feeds, As One Farms (1923, 10 min.) is the first act of a commercial film of Sluis, a bird feed factory. Who Grows the Best Potatoes (1925, 5 min.) and The Smart Pig (1935, 5 min.) are animated information movies, the second one promoting the benefits of electric feeding.
After the screenings there will be a Q&A with Prof. Hogenkamp.

English language activity, all movies have English subtitles.

Admission free, no registration required

The movies

As One Feeds, As One Farms (Zoo men voert, zoo men boert), 1923, 10 min, black & white, silent. Promotion movie Sluis bird feed factory.
Who Grows the Best Potatoes? (Wie verbouwt de beste piepers?), 1925, 5 min, black & white, silent.
The Smart Pig
(Het slimme varken), 1935, 5 min, black & white, silent
An Electric Comedy
(Een electro blijspel), 1942 (appr.), 42 min, black & white, silent. This movie was made for the Dutch Women Electricity Society.

About Prof. dr. Bert Hogenkamp

Prof. dr. Bert Hogenkamp is a media historian at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. He is also professor by special appointment at VU University Amsterdam, teaching and researching audiovisual productions that have been commissioned by industry, State and non-governmental organizations. In short: the sponsored film. This professorial chair is funded by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which holds the largest audiovisual collection in the Netherlands.

Kevin Toma - portret.jpg

About Kevin Toma

Kevin Toma composes modern music for, and accompanies silent movies. He wrote new scores for and accompanied live among others Sunrise (1927), Häxan (1922) and Berlin, die Sinfonie der Groβstadt (1927).

Kevin studied Film- and Performance-Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen, and also works as a movie reviewer for De Volkskrant.

Organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.