SG | The Modernization of Dutch Agriculture in Films 1923-1982 - Modernization and Gender

How got women engaged in agricultural modernization? How were farm women addressed; what image were they supposed to live up to? With a short introduction by dr. Margreet van der Burg.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 22 mei 2018 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Art cinema Movie W - Wilhelminaweg 3a, 6703 CC Wageningen

We can mark a sharp distinction around the 1980s. In the two early movies, The Countryside and Us (1955, 40 min) and What to Wear? (1958, 21 min, colour) the farm woman is urged to proudly keep up with her part in the modernization of farm life as complementary to her husband. In When You Marry a Farmer (1981, 39 min, colour), however, farm women have started to question these expectations and develop alternative strategies that for instance increase their part in farm decision-making and farm work formerly defined as suitable for farm men only.

After the screenings there will be a Q&A with Margreet van der Burg.

English language activity, all movies have English subtitles.

Admission free, no registration required.

The movies

The Countryside and Us (Het platteland en wij) 1955, 40 min, black & white. Movie made for the 25th anniversary of the Dutch Union of Rural Women (Nederlandse Bond van Plattelandsvrouwen).
What to Wear (Goede kleding), 1958, 21 min, colour. Educational movie, made in cooperation with the ‘Committee Well-being on the Countryside’ (‘Commissie Welzijn ten Plattelande’).
When You Marry a Farmer
(Als je trouwt met een boer), 1981, 39 min, colour. Made by ‘The Red Lantern’ (Utrechts Filmkollektief De Rode Lantaren), together with the ‘Woman Farmer’s Group (Boerinnengroep Wageningen) for the National Information Service (Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst).

About dr. Margreet van der Burg

Dr. Margreet van der Burg works at the Department of Social Sciences of WUR. From 1984 onwards she works in the field of (rural) gender studies, especially focusing on farm women and gender in rural and agricultural development (programming) processes. Among others, she worked on gender and the development of agricultural educational and knowledge systems, gender and labour in family farming, education for farm and rural women, farm women’s voices and organisation, and gender in rural iconography.

Organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision