SG | The Modernization of Dutch Agriculture in Films 1923-1982 - Modernization and the Landscape

How did the modernization of Dutch agriculture influence the landscape? How developed the relationship between farming, recreation and nature conservation? With a short introduction by Peter Veer.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 29 mei 2018 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Art cinema Movie W - Wilhelminaweg 3a, 6703 CC Wageningen

We start in 1957. In the educational movie From the Old to the New (19 min.) the focus lies solely on the positive effects of the reallocation of farmland. Having your land concentrated in one spot leads to more efficient farming.

In The Eilandspolder (1974, 25 min, colour) we visit an old polder, which is a wetland where farming is very inefficient. Quite a few of pieces of land are sold to recreationists from the city, and the polder is also an ideal breeding area for water fowl. How can these interests be brought together? In All Things Change (1980, 29 min, colour) the clash between farming, recreation and nature conservation intensifies. Can these categories really be separated?

After the screenings there will be a Q&A with Peter Veer.

English language activity, all movies have English subtitles.

Admission free, no registration required.

The movies

From the Old to the New (Van oud naar nieuw) 1957, 19 min, black & white. Dramatized educational movie, Ministry of Agriculture.
The Eilandspolder (De Eilandspolder) 1974, 25 min, colour. Documentary/educational movie, Ministry of Agriculture
All Things Change (Alles wisselt) 1982, 29 min, colour Documentary/educational movie, Ministry of Agriculture

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About Peter Veer

Peter Veer works both as a scientific researcher and a filmmaker. Most of his work as a filmmaker focuses on quests on the cross roads of spatial development, culture and society. As a scientific researcher he works on a PhD thesis called ‘Framing the Dutch Landscape’, at the University of Amsterdam. The main corpus of this study is the collection of historic dissemination films issued by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture in the post WW Two period (1945-1985).

Organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision