SG- activity: Code 46, a Michel Winterbottom movie

In the Michel Winterbottom movie Code 46, the wealthy live in heavily guarded compounds, and people reproduce by cloning. Detective Geld (Tim Robbins) investigates a fraud. An empathy-virus helps him to better understand the suspects. However, the virus has unintended consequences. He falls in love with one of them, Maria (Samantha Morton).

Organisator Studium Generale

zo 1 oktober 2017 20:30 tot 23:00

Locatie Art Cinema Movie W, Wilhelminaweg 3a
Prijsomschrijving Admission free
Studium Generale screens Code 46 as an introduction to the SynCity Days (Film & Art Festival about Synthetic Biology on 5 and 6 October) and to the Wageningen Dialogues on Synthetic Biology on 12 and 18 October. Before the movie we have a short introduction on these activities.