SG-activty - Inside Syria: How to Represent Conflict?

Studium Generale explores the tension between word and image in representing war-torn Syria with Fouad Hallak (Syrian photographer) and journalists Sakir Khader and Lex Runderkamp.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 1 november 2016 20:00

Locatie The Spot, Orion, building number 103

Fouad Hallak’s photos were recently on exhibit in Orion. Tonight this Syrian photographer shares the story behind each one and explains his approach to telling the world about Syria’s war through images. His photos of those trying to survive in a war-zone differ those featured in most media. Sakir Khader (de Volkskrant) and Lex Runderkamp (NOS television) join Fouad Hallak. Hear how they, as journalists, experience the tension between word and image while representing life in war-torn Syria. Learn how the representation of the conflict works within media organisations and how this impacts their journalistic choices.  Explore the conflict inside Syria through images taken from different vantage points.

Fouad Hallak (Syrian photographer)

Last winter the young Syrian photographer, Fouad Hallak, fled his native city of Aleppo. The photo exhibition, Inside Syria featured his photos of the war-torn city of Aleppo throughout 2014 from the perspective of survival strategies of those caught in the cross-fire. Fouad Hallak now lives in a Dutch refugee centre.

Lex Runderkamp (NOS television, The Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation)

Lex Runderkamp is traveling reporter in de Arab world for NOS News in the Netherlands. He reported frequently from Aleppo and Idlib on the rebel side of the conflict. In 2014 he was at the frontline in Tikrit, Iraq, as ISIS lost its first city in their so called caliphate. 

Sakir Khader (de Volkskrant, National newspaper)

Sakir Khader is a journalist for Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant. He covers refugee stories, Turkey and the Arab world and has reported from various conflict zones.