Sandcastle Building Contest

Take part in a tough competition, while becoming a sand sculpture master! Apply with a group of four WUR-students, and battle for a great prize: a team outing to a beach club, beach lunch or dinner included!

Organisator Studium Generale

do 23 mei 2019 12:30 tot 14:30

Locatie Outside of Forum, south entrance

Guided by experts you create a beautiful sand sculpture. Those same experts will determine which team can call itself the lucky winner.

This free-of-charge Studium Generale activity takes place on Thursday 23 May, 12.30-14.30 hrs, at the south entrance of Forum. It is part of our theme week ‘The World of Sand’ (21-28 May), which, among others, explores the rising scarcity of sand and its implications. For registration and more information, mail us at

The number of teams that can participate is limited, so sign up quickly to make sure you can join!

About The World of Sand (21-28 May)

Sand. Ordinary and incredibly diverse. Beautiful. Omnipresent and becoming scarce at the same time. In this theme week, Studium Generale explores the many aspects of this versatile material. What it looks like, how it sounds, how we source it, what you can do with it and, especially, its growing scarcity and the consequences this has.

Did you know that sand is the most consumed raw material on earth after fresh water? And that your smartphone wouldn’t exist without it? It is used for buildings, infrastructure, glass, computers, cosmetics and detergents – omnipresent things in our daily lives. With visions of deserts in your mind it might be hard to imagine, but did you ever realize that sand is a finite source, and actually becoming scarcer? And that the increasing pressure on this resource may have serious implications, ranging from sand conflicts and ecological destruction, to compromised food production and flood protection?

Delve into the everyday and at the same time unknown world of sand, and explore its special nature and role from various angles. Admire its beauty and diversity, and find out why sand has so many different uses. Discover where we get it from and how we extract it. Learn about the social and ecological effects of sand extraction, and discuss what role science and policy could play in promoting sustainable sand use.