Science Cafe Wageningen: Drones in Science

Technology related to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, has seen a tremendously rapid development over the past decade. Professional drones not only have a huge commercial potential, but also allow for scientific applications in various domains such as the environmental sciences. Cameras and other sensory equipment mounted on drones allow environmental scientists to obtain detailed spatial information with unprecedented flexibility. As drone-based surveys can easily be repeated in time and can collect data under different observation angles, they fill the gap between satellite-based and ground-based geo-sensing systems. However, drone-aided science also comes with new challenges, such as the processing immense amounts of images and data, a need for interdisciplinary cooperation, legal regulations of drone usage, and societal discussions on drone development.

Organisator Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing

do 26 november 2015 19:45 tot 22:45

Locatie Café Loburg, Molenstraat 6, Wageningen

The guest speakers for this Science Cafe are Dr. Ir. Lammert Kooistra (WUR) and Prof. Dr. Steven de Jong (UU), who will explain how drones have revolutionized their work on agricultural systems and glaciers, respectively. Both will discuss the opportunities and challenges of drones in their fields. Jelle de Gruyter will be our moderator, as usual, and there will be live music by Troubagroove.

Dr. Ir. Lammert Kooistra (Wageningen University) is assistant professor at the Laboratory for Geo-system Science and Remote Sensing. His research interest is in the development of integrated sensing systems, combining satellite, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and in-situ sensors for monitoring applications in agriculture and environmental resource management. He is also active in the Wageningen UR Unmanned Aerial Remote Sensing Facility(UARSF). Its objective is to develop innovations, to promote the test and use of UAS in different fields, and to provide calibration and processing support to the UAV-community.

Prof. Dr. Steven de Jong (Utrecht University) is professor of the Physical Geography group, focussing on Land Degradation, Earth Observation and Geo-computation. The research of his group focusses on applied use of earth observation and spatio-dynamic modelling of land degradation processes, natural hazards and ecosystem performance. They use earth observations such as imaging spectroscopy, multispectral remote sensing and passive and active microwave remote sensing to study landscape processes and morphology. Landscape process knowledge is implemented in spatio-temporal models to improve our understanding of these processes, to predict future changes and to anticipate on, and mitigate negative effects of degradation and hazards on society.

Troubagroove is a trio formed in 2012 by Javier Garcia Vicente ( on bass, Simon Leferink on guitar and Pim Huitink on drums and percussion. Although the bulk of their music and the time spent together is based upon the creative process, they play both versions and original material depending on the occasion. Troubagroove’s songs have a smooth Latin feel, Bossa and Blues, but the trio delivers many more styles of music thanks to their versatility as musicians.