Seminar Healthy ageing


Seminar Healthy Ageing

In the past decade the average life expectancy in the Netherlands has risen to about 80. As we grow older, our nutritional needs change; we need fewer of some nutrients and more of others. The way in which we experience and appreciate our eating and drinking can change as we age, which can have consequences for our health. This demands focused nutritional advice and product development for the growing group of older people in our society.

Organisator Wageningen Academy

do 24 januari 2019

Locatie Wageningen Campus
Prijs € 495,00

Target group

Do you work in the food industry, food service or at a government agency involved in care? Then come to this seminar, which is primarily intended for highly-educated professionals who want to expand their knowledge of the relationship between health and nutrition, and of particular interest to the food service (manufacturers), food companies, retail, health insurers, information services and government agencies.


After the seminar you will have more insight into the importance of healthy nutrition for the health of older people and possible strategies to support them in a healthy eating pattern. The seminar offers you:

  • Direct access to experts in Wageningen in the areas of the elderly, health and nutrition.
  • Knowledge exchange among professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Insight into the opportunities for your own organisation.
  • Practical examples and group discussions.

Our approach

During the seminar you will be updated on the most recent news, and we will provide inspiration on new developments and possibilities offered by science and practice. The subjects of the seminar will be introduced by various specialists, and there will be ample opportunity to interact with both the experts and fellow participants. The subjects that will be discussed:

  • Healthy ageing
  • Nutritional science
  • Food products
  • WUR Seniors panel (SenTo)
  • How older people experience taste and smell
  • Food choice and behaviour
  • Older people and mental fitness
  • Older people and technology

Course leader

Course leader of this programme is Dr. Esmee Doets, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, WUR. Esmee Doets is a nutritional expert and is researching the consequences of ageing on food experience, food appreciation and food intake at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research develops knowledge and technology to help companies, government agencies and other research organisations in finding innovative solutions to a healthier, more sustainable and prosperous world.