Sensory Perception and Food Preference: affective drivers of food choice

7th International Advanced Course

The aim of this advanced training course is to acquire expertise regarding the major determinants of food preferences: affective drivers and sensory perception; to obtain knowledge and experience in different methods on how to measure and analyse these aspects.
The course will be mainly composed of lectures with ample opportunity for discussions. There will be short presentations of the research plans of the participants, an excursion to the Restaurant of the Future, as well as a workshop/demo on various methods to measure and analyse behavioural responses to food products.

Target group

The course is at graduate level and aims at food scientists, nutritionists and other sensory- or consumer behaviour-related professionals. The course may be valuable for graduate students working on a PhD related to eating or consumer behaviour, or emotion and sensory perception, and for those working in the food industry.

Programme topics

  • the role of emotions in food preference
  • development of and changes in preference over the life span
  • marketing and consumer side of eating behaviour and emotions
  • the role of emotions in non-food related consumer behaviour
  • methodology of measuring affective responses and food preferences
  • multisensory perception and experience
  • the role of sensory perception in food preferences
  • an industry perspective on the role of sensory science
  • food perception and affective responses in the brain