Serious Landscaping! (formerly Landscape Machines)

Serious Landscaping - research group MEET-UPS

Organised by Landscape architecture

Fri 31 October 2014 09:30 until Fri 12 December 2014 13:00

Venue Atlas, gebouwnummer 104
Room Atlas 1

Each Friday two student MSc thesis projects will be discussed by fellow students, staff members, PhD-rs, and whomever is interested.

Fr.31 Oct

  • Abel and Sascha - sublime work environments
  • Floor and Gils - flood protection New York

Fr.21 Nov

  • Zuzana Y. - sublime flooding Park, Prague
  • Gilles and Jules - Mining Landsape, Sweden

Fr.12 Dec

  • Leonardo - Salt Landscapes, Portugal
  • (open) (maybe Sanne)

Why Serious Landscaping instead of Landscape Machines?

Because Landscape Machines need more than technological advancements to develop over de past two years it has become obvious that four academic themes apply:

landscape performance

design of (new) biotopes and natural performance, mainly large scale interventions; landscape machines fit in best here

landscape anthropology

analysis and strategies to stimulate new embodied interaction and social involvement within newly designed landscapes

landscape aesthetics

perception and reception theories and methods such as the sublime and other psychosomatic phenomenon

landscape narratives

the relationship between style and content, besides design also form and materiality to communicatie by use of space and atmosphere

These four academic themes together cooperate within the design commitment for Serious Landscaping.


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