Shrimp quality and safety management along the supply chain in Benin

Promovendus DS (Sylvain) Dabade
Promotor MH (Marcel) Zwietering
Copromotor MW (Heidy) den Besten
Copromotor prof.dr. DJ Hounhouigan
Organisatie Wageningen University & Research, Food Microbiology Laboratory

di 25 augustus 2015 11:00 tot 12:30

Locatie Aula, gebouwnummer 362


This thesis focuses on quality and safety management of tropical shrimp (Penaeus spp.) along the supply chain in Benin (West Africa), as an example developing country that exports shrimps to developed countries. Based on quantitative and ecological studies and also an investigation of the entire supply chain, this thesis shows that steps of the chain prior to shrimp processing at the freezer plants were critical for shrimp quality and safety because of prevailing temperature abuse and inappropriate hygienic conditions. Bacterial diversity and concentration in fresh shrimps and the surrounding brackish waters and sediment were determined. Models predicting shrimp shelf-life as a function of constant as well as dynamic storage temperatures simulating actual temperature fluctuation in the supply chain were developed and validated. The management of the risks posed by the main pathogens was addressed using different scenarios to meet the set food safety objectives. Results obtained can be used in decision-making regarding shrimp quality and safety management.