Soft Matter Design

Human life was revolutionized by utilizing novel materials throughout history. Designing materials with specific mechanical, rheological or optical properties has shown tremendous application potential in many disciplines of science and technology in recent years.

Organised by Laboratory of physics and physical chemistry of foods

Tue 27 November 2018 13:00 to 17:30

Venue Forum, gebouwnummer 102

The Laboratory of Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods is organizing a one-day symposium on soft matter design. The symposium aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines to exchange ideas of the latest developments in material design and review some recent applied and fundamental studies on designing soft materials with desired mechanical, rheological or optical properties. For attending this symposium registration is not required.

Invited speakers:

Prof. Masao Doi, Beihang University, China, Structure Formation in Soft Matter by Solvent Evaporation

Prof. Jose Bico, ESPCI, Paris, Bio-inspired Pneumatic Shape-morphing


The symposium will address the following topics:

-     Evaporation-Induced Structure Formation

-     Mechanical Metamaterial Design

-     Designer Polymeric Material

-     Design Strategies for Food Materials


13:00-13.10     Opening

13:10-14:10     Masao Doi (Beihang University, China)

14:10-14:30     Erik van der Linden (FPH, WUR)         

14:30-14:40     Jessica Clough  (PCC, WUR)   

14:40-14:50     Aref Ghorbani (FPH, WUR)

14:50-15:00     Eric van Bruggen (FPH, WUR)

15:00-15:20     Coffee Break

15:20-16:20     Jose Bico (ESPCI, Paris)

16:20-16:30     Mohammad Mirzaali (TU Delft)

16:30-16:40     David M. J. Dykstra (IoP, UvA)

16:40-16:50     Martin Brandenbourger (IoP, UvA)

16:50-17:00     Sven Boots (PCC, WUR)

17:00-17:30     Drinks