Sports night

Organisator Wageningen University

do 14 juni 2018 tot ma 14 mei 2018

The last period of this college year has started, so the summer is getting close! In the summer vacation many (Dutch) people leave colossally to for example France to take over all camping’s there. Only this year this can be done earlier! At Thursday June the 14th the Thymos Sports Night will take place with this year’s team Conquering the Camping! A night full of camping related sports and games and you and your team can beat the other campers! Play life-size table football, take your opponents down in Archery Tag and throw your Frisbee straight at its goal.

So get your tent buddies together and subscribe with a team of 6 to 8 people before Saturday June the 9th! The Sports Night will be from 21:00 until 02:30 and participating is for free! You can subscribe via the following link: