Statistical analysis for new phenotyping techniques

New phenotyping techniques are revolutionizing the field of plant sciences in general and plant breeding in particular. How can phenotyping data from platforms and high throughput devices be analysed and incorporated into statistical genetic models in plant breeding? This course will teach how to get the most out of new types of phenotypic data and integrate these data into genetic analyses. The course will deal with pre-processing of new phenotypic data (image pre-processing, spatial and longitudinal modelling) and show the integration of new phenotypic traits into QTL and genomic prediction models. You will also learn how to relate field and platform data. Examples and exercises will use real data from phenotyping platforms and field experiments.

Organisator Biometris

ma 25 juni 2018 tot wo 27 juni 2018

Duur 3 days
Locatie Wageningen Campus
Locatie Radix, building number 107
Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6708 PB Wageningen
0317 48 60 01
Zaal/kamer PC0089


The statistical analysis techniques will be presented in lectures by experts from Wageningen University & Research and University of Queensland. The lectures will be complemented by hands-on computer training using R.

The course will be structured as follows:


09.00-12.30: Introduction phenotyping techniques

13.30-17.00: Single platform experiments


09.00-12.30: Longitudinal and multi-trait data

13.30-17.30: Multi-platform and multi-environment data

Drinks at de Spot (Orion building)


09.00-12.30: Integrating phenotyping data into QTL and GWAS models

13.30-17.00: Genomic prediction and phenotyping & further developments

Target Group

The course aims at students, researchers and breeders interested in incorporating new phenotyping data into genetic analyses. Some familiarity with models for QTL mapping, GWAS and genomic prediction is required.


After the course you should be able to use R to analyze field and platform experiments and integrate platform and phenotyping device data into genetic analyses of plant breeding experiments.

Course Leaders

Teachers are Scott Chapman from the University of Queensland and Fred van Eeuwijk, Marcos Malosetti, Martin Boer, Daniela Bustos-Korts, Emilie Millet (all WUR).

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