Strength Day

Organisator Wageningen University

do 18 mei 2017 18:00 tot 22:00

On Thursday May the 18th our first Strength Day will take place. The target of the day: having lots of fun and even more fun with strength exercises. Who's welcome? Everybody! The event is for all the students in Holland. Woman or Man, short or tall, people who are not familiar with strength training or experienced athletes. What we have to offer is the following. We have a clinic. Here you can try a strength exercise once or learn more about the technique of these exercises. All optional and intended to have fun. After that there is a competition. Also for everybody! All the exercises are set up in a way that every student can do them. For the competition element there will be different categories and prizes. But that's not all. During and after the clinic and competition part there will be even more fun, music, food and partying! So don't hesitate and join Strength Day 2017 Wageningen, participate the clinic or competition or just come by to have fun! We hope to see you on the first Strength Day in Wageningen! For more information have a look at our Facebook event.