Structural equation modelling for digital soil mapping

Samenvatting (Engels)

In this thesis I explored a new methodology for digital soil mapping (DSM). Digital soil mapping is a framework to produce maps of soil type or soil properties, such as content of clay and percentage of soil organic carbon. Although DSM has matured enough to be applied in practice, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed. One of these is how to explicitly include knowledge about system interrelationships into the modelling process. In this thesis I investigated the use of structural equation modelling (SEM) for digital soil mapping. The use of SEM for DSM allows not only to describe the spatial variation of the soil, but also to understand the complex interrelationships between soil properties and landscape features. The methodology was succesfully applied to an Argentine pampas region and a similar landscape in the Great Plains of the USA.

For more information please continue to the project 'Integrating information on soil forming processes in digital soil mapping'.