Students’ Lives During World War II

What was it like to be a student in Wageningen during World War II when the German forces invaded the Netherlands? Studium Generale and Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulaties 1945, invite you to step into the shoes of your predecessors.

Organisator Studium Generale WUR & Nationaal Comité Herdenking Capitulaties 1945

di 16 mei 2017 20:00

Locatie Hotel de Wereld, 5 Mei Plein, Wageningen
Zaal/kamer Capitulatie Zaal

Fathom trying to study or figure out your life after the invasion of hostile forces? University students across the Netherlands were forced to sign a declaration of loyalty to the German occupiers. What dilemmas surrounded the signing of this declaration and what were the consequences thereafter?

Ben Puylaert and Philippe Puylaert share from the letters which Wageningen student Etienne Puylaert sent to his family whilst interred in a hard labour camps in Germany. Yuran Leffers reads excerpts from the diary kept by his grandfather, Fons Crijns, while he was forced to work in the same camps. Bob Kernkamp (Wageningen City Archive) will provide a backdrop for understanding the war from the perspective of those left in Wageningen. Learn what role student organisations  such as CERES, Unitas and KSV played in context of occupation.

Don't miss this unique event in a monumental setting.