Student chess championships

Chess club Wageningen organises a chess tournament for students in Wageningen! To participate, you must be a bachelor or master student in Wageningen or live in Wageningen. This tournament is not only for very strong players, but also for beginners. Good knowledge of the chess rules is a requirement to participate.

Organisator Schaakvereniging Wageningen

di 18 februari 2014 19:30 tot 22:30

Six rounds will be played. The playing tempo is 12 minutes per person per game + an increment of 5 seconds per move.
In addition to the honour of being champion, three prices will be given:
1st price: 40 euro + the cup
2nd price: 20 euro
3rd price: 10 euro
More information and registration: mail to Robin van Leerdam from chess club Wageningen,