Subscribe for the Thymos Internal Competitions!

Organisator Wageningen University, Wageningen University

wo 22 november 2017 tot wo 20 december 2017

After a summer of travelling, being lazy and being away from your friends, it's time to get active again with the Thymos Internal Competitions! From now on the subscriptions for Beach Volleybal, Knotsbal, Soccer and Futsal are opened.

So team up with your friends, your AID-brothers and sisters, your (new) housemates or studymates and subscribe!  

You can subscribe for the Thymos Internal Competitions via these links:
- Knotsbal:
- Soccer:
- Beach Volleybal:
- Futsal:

And if you like to sport but haven't found an enthusiastic team, you can sign up individually via this link, and we will try to find you a nice team:

The subscriptions are open until the 11th of September. For some Competitions there is a limit to the number of teams, so be quick!