Summer School Insects for Food and Feed - from producing to consuming

Summer School

Summer School Insects as Food and Feed - from producing to consuming

The field of rearing insects for human food and animal feed is new. There are many challenges in bringing insects on the market. How can we rear insects in a sustainable way with low environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy? What type of production design and facilities are needed to farm the insects in an optimal way? The Summer School will address the entire chain from genetics to farming, handling/logistics, processing, marketing and consumption.

Organisator Wageningen Academy, Food Quality and Design, Laboratory of Virology, RIKILT Wageningen University & Research, Animal Nutrition, Laboratory of Entomology, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

ma 24 juni 2019 tot vr 28 juni 2019

Duur 5 days
Setup Campus WUR
Locatie Wageningen
Prijsomschrijving For a limited number of PhD students we offer a course fee of € 1.995,- (first come first serve)
Prijs € 2.495,00

Our Approach

This course gives participants an in-depth view on:
• Insect rearing and processing
• Insects and nutrition
• Insects for food, feed and cosmetic industry
• Insect and food safety, legislation
• Insects and consumers, marketing and promotion

The Summer School offers a varied and attractive mix of lectures, practical cases, group work and an excursion day trip. Together you will explore the future challenges and opportunities. Leading international experts from The Netherlands and abroad are engaged in this Summer School. They are from Wageningen University & Research, other research institutes and private companies. There are plenty opportunities to interact with lecturers and between participants.

Target Group

This Summer School is designed for professionals working in:
• The private sector e.g. food and feed industry, insect
rearing companies and waste disposal companies.
• The public sector e.g. international agencies, ministries,
governmental and non-governmental agencies.
• Academic institutions: universities and research

Course deliverables

The aim of this Summer School is for participants to learn the basic principles behind the factors that affect all processes in the insect production and consumption chain from rearing, handling, processing and consuming insects as food or feed and understand how to
apply this information in their daily practice by developing

The insects as food and feed summer school gave me an opportunity to learn about different areas of the edible insect industry. In addition, the summer school gave me an opportunity to meet new people in the field. I really had a wonderful time!
Sanna Barrand, PhD, Director Outsquare Foods PTy Ltd., Australia

Course Leader & experts

The course leader is A (Arnold) van Huis, emeritus professor, Tropical entomologist, Laboratory of Entomology,
Wageningen University & Research.

"Arnold Huis worked from 1974 to 1979 in Nicaragua for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations on integrated pest management (IPM) in foodgrains. From 1982 to 1985 he coordinated a regional crop protection training project for eight Sahelian countries. From 1985 onwards he works as tropical entomologist at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and has been responsible for a number of IPM and biological control projects in the tropics. He is a world leading expert on insects as food and feed. In 2013 he published with FAO a book “Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security” which has been downloaded seven million times. He is also the first author of the “The Insect Cookbook” published in 2014 by Columbia University Press. In 2014 he organized with FAO a conference “Insects to feed the world” attended by 450 participants from 45 countries."

The programme is executed by a group of international experts from industry and research institutes.

Group picture 2018 edition:

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