Summer School on agroecology and animal production (First week of July 2018)

Organisator Agreenium and Wageningen University & Research
Duur 4 to 5 days in the first week of July 2018
Locatie Clermont-Ferrand (France)

4 to 5 days in the first week of July 2018. Exact dates to be confirmed soon.

Are you interested in agroecological systems? And in particular in the livestock component? Would you like to broaden and deepen your understanding on this topic from a broad perspective and European context? Then this summer school might be something for you. Agroecology is receiving increasing attention as a sustainable solution for future agriculture. Livestock is a key component in agroecological systems. Yet livestock production gives rise to growing concerns about social and environmental consequences. Implementation of the agroecological approach therefore is of growing importance for the future of agriculture, in specific livestock systems.


The course includes a variety of scientific approaches and teaching methods to facilitate appropriation and application of concepts:

  • Systemic approach: “animal” in interaction with other components of the “agricultural system”: forage and cropping system, (natural) resources, ecological environment, socio-economic and biophysical environment
  • Multifaceted approach: Multi-criteria, multi-scale, and multi-disciplinary analyses, and decision systems
  • Teaching methods: Lectures, Flipped classroom, Digital learning, Field and case studies, workshops
  • Participation and interactions: Interactive teaching methods facilitate active exchange of knowledge and ideas with other participants and the experts involved in the course. Social activities offer the opportunity to expand your professional and private network.

Target audience

The Summer School Agroecology and animal production is especially designed for PhD students in the field of agriculture, and professionals in agriculture and the feed and food industry, such as consultants, technical advisors, policy makers and researchers.


After completion of the Summer Course, you gained in-depth understanding of the holistic and interdisciplinary agroecological approach in relation to livestock systems. Furthermore, you are able to add new knowledge to your field of expertise and to anticipate on future developments in agroecology.

Course leaders

The course leaders are:
- Heleen van Kernebeek MSc, Wageningen University & Research
- Fabien Stark, MSc, PhD, Agreenium

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