Sven co-chairing and speaking at 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference

Sven Stermke will be co-chairing and speaking at a special session during the international EUPVSEC conference in Amsterdam on September 26.
Also two former-LAR students will be speaking: Rens Wijnakker and Tom van Heeswijk.

Organised by Photovoltaic Technology and Policies, ENEA

Tue 26 September 2017

Venue Auditorium G105, Amsterdam

From the Conference website:

PHOTOVOLTAICS | FORMS | LANDSCAPES is an annual event which takes place as a special side event at the series of European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition since 2011.

The topic of the event 2017 in Amsterdam has been selected taking into account the specific features of the hosting country, the Netherlands: Designing energies in high density population areas.
Concerns about land use and landscape quality influence and limit the implementation of renewable energies. This is due to some of the features of renewable energy systems, which are installed close to the urban environments, and therefore visible for citizens.
In this session, architects, landscape architects and other environmental designers/researcher are given the floor to share their ideas on how to advance the realization of energy systems while establishing aesthetic qualities in our daily living environment.

The 2017 event is co-organized by: ENEA (scientific organization) and ETA-Florence Renewable Energies (organization and promotion), with the support of the European Commission, JRC (photovoltaic technology and policies) together with Wageningen University, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, and ECN.