WLL symposium 'Governance in behaviour change?'


Symposium 'Governance in behaviour change'

Transition towards a more sustainable, circular society dominates the news on food, environment and health: mitigating climate change, improving circularity in agriculture and beyond, stimulating healthy and responsible food choices. Behaviour change is needed to support this transition. This applies to consumers who have to adapt their daily consumption patterns, but also to farmers who have to alter their production methods, and other actors who play a role in facilitating and adopting changes towards a more sustainable and circular society. A key question is, however, to what extent behaviour changes can be steered or managed. And, how can behaviour change of many different actors at the same time contribute to a transition towards a more sustainable and circular society?

Organisator Wageningen Economic Research

do 7 november 2019 13:30 tot 17:00

Locatie WICC Wageningen

Are you curious about these questions and would you like to discuss these topics with researchers and policymakers? Then please join the symposium ‘Governance in behaviour change’ on 7 November in Wageningen. Please register before 1 November.

Poster presentation

If you would like to present your work related to the conference topics, please share a PDF file of your poster before 11 October. You can send the poster to communications.ssg@wur.nl. You can bring your own or we can print it for you. Selected posters will be displayed during the conference.

Preliminary programme

13:00 Opening
13:40 Plenary session with three keynote speakers:
Stimulating healthy and active living to prevent overweight among youth – prof. dr. Jantine Schuit (Tilburg University)
Transformative change through small wins – prof. dr. Katrien Termeer (Wageningen University & Research)
Food policies for healthier diets: adjusting food environment or targeting consumers? – prof. dr. Ruerd Ruben (Wageningen University & Research)
14:45 Parallel sessions to further explore the three subjects of the plenary session in depth
15:45 Poster presentations with coffee/tea
16:15 Pitch with take-aways from the parallel sessions by the keynote speakers
16:25 Plenary debate of keynote speakers and policy makers about the role of governance in behaviour change & discussion
17:00 Closure & drinks