Technology in Our Nature: End User

Artists' collective Waterlanders are nationally and internationally known for their theatre and art shows. Their new performance (see below) is about our relationship with technology. This evening they will play one scene from their performance ‘End User’ and we will have a reflective conversation about what we saw and experienced.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 17 september 2019 20:00 tot 22:30

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

The theme

Prometheus’ fire that now is almost invisible, but that we still carry around in our pockets, connects the past, present and future and constitutes the leading thread in the performance. It burns – in our mobile phones, behind our sockets, under our hoods. The technological environment nowadays puts a layer of artificiality between people and their natural environment as well. This layer they investigate and break down, to give you a tangible experience with a special effect.

Technology can provide us with more personal freedom and power, but also creates interdependence of things and of one another. Technology is causing problems, but it also offers possible solutions. How do we take responsibility in a world in which more and more things are getting out of hand? End User brings you imagination and issues to think about.

About Waterlanders

In our performances, theatre, music and visual arts melt together with the environment into a totally immersive experience. Visitors will be entranced in a poetic, musical and visual universe. Take the journey with us through a changing world in which we find a place together again!

Performers: Anna van Diepen, Maartje Goes, Remco de Kluizenaar, Eric Langendoen, Rosine Langbroek, Erik Woltmeijer.

This performance is made possible thanks to the support of Provincie Gelderland, Gemeente Wageningen and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Gelderland.