Terra Firme; how firm is agricultural and environmental research nowadays in Brazil?

On the occasion of the visit of two Brazilian scientists to the Netherlands, we would like to offer you to attend lectures and a discussion on the current situation of doing agricultural and environmental research in Brazil under the Bolsonaro government.

Organisator Impulse

do 14 november 2019 17:15 tot 18:30

Locatie Forum, gebouwnummer 102
Zaal/kamer 031
Prijs Gratis

The first lecture will give you an insight into the agricultural research in Brazil by EMBRAPA, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Food. The second lecture will highlight the changes in environmental politics and the use of science in politics by a professor of the Universidad de Brasília a federal public university in Brasília.


Followed by discussion with the audience and drinks afterwards.