The 41the Animal Nutrition Research forum


The 41th Animal Nutrition Research forum

A platform to present Animal Nutrition research in Holland and Belgium

Organisator Wageningen Livestock Research, Animal Nutrition

vr 15 april 2016

Locatie Zodiac, building number 122
De Elst 1
6708 WD Wageningen
Zaal/kamer A0107 and A0108

The aim of this meeting is to bring together (animal) nutrition scientist working in the Netherlands or Belgium. The meeting mainly targets at researchers at universities and schools of higher education and research institutes. Nevertheless, researchers linked to the feed industry with oral presentations of new scientific research are also kindly invited to register. The meeting provides a unique opportunity, particularly to young nutrition researchers for presenting and discussing their research.

We cordially invite you to submit contributions about your scientific research. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 March 2016. Especially junior researchers (MSc and PhD students) are encouraged to submit a contribution.

Important dates

1 March 2016: abstracts and registration deadline

15 April 2016: 41th Animal Nutrition Research forum

Preparation of abstracts

Preparation of abstracts and presentations

Submission of the abstract(s) of your presentation(s) is possible until 1 March 2016 to:

Abstracts will not be considered without registration and payment.

Format: The abstract should consists of two pages, including tables and figures. Text should be written in Microsoft Word with 2.5 cm margins, font Times New Roman 11, lining 1 and without tabulation at the beginning of a paragraph.

The construction is as follows:

  • Title (bold)
  • empty line
  • Authors (initials first, then surname; italic)
  • empty line
  • Institution and address (italic)
  • empty line

Then: introduction, material and methods, results and discussion and references. Main titles of these sections are typed in bold, followed by an empty line. Please do not insert page numbers.

The programme will be based on the (accepted) submitted abstracts. In case too many oral presentations are submitted, the organizing committee will make a selection for oral presentations. The other submissions are invited to present a poster.

An oral presentation should not exceed 15 min which remains 5 min for discussion. Posters will be presented and discussed during the coffee breaks and the lunch break.

Please follow this link for the Registration form

Registration and payment

The cost of this day, including coffee breaks, lunch, reception and proceedings will be € 50,- pp. A registration certificate will be handed over to the participants at the meeting.

Please follow this link for registration and payment.

If any problem would occur, please contact


The conference venue is Zodiac, building 122 of Wageningen Campus

Address: De Elst 1, 6708 WD Wageningen, The Netherlands

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Terms and conditions

Payment terms

  1. The participant in the 41th ANR Forum in Wageningen, The Netherlands, 15 April2016, will pay the organiser a participant’s fee as specified on the conference website. The total participation costs must be made as single payment (100% of the participation costs), paid directly or within 14 days after registration. If the participation contract is dated less than 14 days prior to the start of the event, the participation costs must be paid immediately to the organiser.
  2. The participant is liable for all costs incurred by the organiser in connection with its participation, irrespective of whether these costs were incurred on behalf of the participant itself or a third party acting in its name.
  3. If a participant fails to pay the amount owed within the specified period, the organiser is entitled to refuse him/her access to the event, without prejudice to the entitlement of the organiser to seek full payment of the said amount.
  4. It is not possible to make the payment by separate bank account or to receive a separate invoice. Payment can only be done during registration in the registration system and an invoice can be automatically generated when Ideal or Creditcard is used.

Cancellation terms

A. Cancellation terms participants

B. Cancellation terms organisation

  1. Should, in any case, for good reasons (force majeure) the conference -in total- be cancelled, the following will apply:
    Wageningen UR and/or Utrecht University are not liable for any additional costs (i.e. travel-, hotel costs or any other) made by the participant for this conference.

Insurance terms

  1. The organiser, directors, agents and personnel of the event or complex are not liable for loss of any kind resulting from damage to or the loss of property, nor for loss due to any other defects to the accommodation or surrounding land, nor for loss resulting from any disaster, or loss to property or persons howsoever else incurred.
  2. The participant is itself liable for all loss of any kind caused in any way by its own act or omission or that of others, to property or persons who work for the organisers, and must indemnify the organisers and personnel against any third-party claim that could be brought against the organisers and the personnel. The participant must ensure prior to participation in the event that it is adequately insured.