The Future of Our Seas: Sustainable Farming at Sea

By Dr. W.A. Brandenburg
Can we make a sustainable change from a hunter/gatherer stage to an agricultural one? But how to avoid the mistakes we made at land?

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di 26 januari 2016 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

In order to warrant future food security and to improve the efficiency of the application of natural resources by closing nutrient cycles and mitigating measures to enforce climate smart production, we need seriously re-thinking agricultural systems in order to achieve the necessary doubling of agricultural production. Can we envision at least 50% of future plant production at sea, where we e.g. don’t need fresh water? Can seaweed-based sea farms produce enough proteins needed for human food of 10 billion people? And is it at the same time possible to recycle plant nutritional elements we lost to the sea and sequester Greenhouse Gases for the production of long lasting carbon fibres? Is there really no serious disadvantage seaweed based farming at sea?

About Willem Brandenburg

W.A. Brandenburg
W.A. Brandenburg

Dr. W. A. Brandenburg is senior researcher at Plant research International; With his expertise in agrosystems research and biosaline agriculture. Already many years involved in research and experiments with sustainable production of seaweed (see "Seaweed is the Future" Resource nr. 1 of August the 13th 2015).